PDF ToolBox to Compress PDF

  • Compress PDF document size (including Images & Text)
  • Converts PDF to PDF/A format
  • Extracts images & text from PDF documents and reduce PDF's size
  • Several filters while exporting images and text from PDF Files
  • Page option to extracts PDF's items from selective PDF pages
  • Acrobat reader 11.0 and below edition must have installed

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Compress, Extract & Convert Data from PDF Files in Bulk

Having difficulty managing large PDF files? Reduce its size, export in PDF/A Archive format and extract data.

Technicalities of the PDF Toolbox Application

Multiple Managing Ability

The PDF Toolbox software is a storehouse of multiple functionalities. It has 4 main working abilities that are compression, reduction, extraction and conversion of possible multimedia data such as text and images from PDF files.

An 'Adding' Facility Available

Along with the chief working capabilities of the ‘managing application’, an option to add several Adobe Reader PDF files that are stored within a common folder, is also rendered in the PDF management utility.

Original Formatting Remain Unaltered

Irrespective of any changes done to the PDF file like compression, size reduction and data extraction; the structure of the new PDF documents formed stays same as before without any kind of damage.

Enhanced Setting Options Available

A tab ‘Advance Settings’ is provided in the tool’s interface regardless of the fact whether which functionality is selected to be executed. This rule gives power to users to achieve and ease their piece of purpose.

Reduces PDF File Size

The managing toolbox compresses the size of PDF files in bulk by reducing the size of images. In this way the large files become small in size and hence the space occupied reduces and carrying them gets easier.

Export Text from PDF Documents

Text can be extracted from various PDF documents at once. In this way the files can be managed as per want as well as professional white papers can be formed. Other advantages can also be achieved.

Extraction of Images in PDF Possible

Bitmap images embedded in files can be extracted and saved in various formats like JPEG, TIFF, PNG, GIF, BMP, etc. Page options like Page Numbers, Page Range and All are provided in the tool for ease.

PDF into PDF/A File Conversion

The managing toolbox of files can convert PDF to PDF/A format in bulk and without hampering the hierarchy of files. Moreover, the original documents remain intact and unchanged.

Buy and Get Advantages of PDF Managing Tool

Free Version for Trial Purpose

The demo release can be downloaded to execute file management tasks of compression, conversion and extraction but with certain limitations. The first limitation is that company's watermark is added to the resultant output and moreover only half the number of pages is processed for the option 'Extract Text.

Purchase Full Edition

Once acquainted with the working and functionalities of the PDF Toolbox, the software application can be bought online through a secured gateway. Tool can also be bought through the Company's reseller in your area if you do not rely on online transactions'. However, the online order is safe and protected without loop holes. Once the licensed edition is in one's possession, it can be used in a fully fledged manner to carry out all the functions without restrictions.

Software System Requirements

Features Trial Version FULL Version
Add PDF Files & Folder
Option to Merge and Split PDF
Option to compress PDF files
Option to Extract Text or Images from PDF
Compatible with Entire Windows Versions
Support Adobe Acrobat 11.0 or below version
Save PDF Files without demo watermark
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View PDF Toolbox in Action - Product Working Demo

Frequently Asked Question

Can I use the tool in my new Windows 8 laptop?
Yes, the toolbox can be used on any Windows system including 8 and 8.1.
I do not have Acrobat Reader on my machine, can I use the tool?
No, you need to have Adobe Acrobat Reader 11.0 or older versions installed.
Can I save some files without watermark with the free version?
No, full edition is required to export even a single PDF without watermark.
Is the interface of the PDF Toolbox easy enough for a non-tech user?
Yes, the utility can be used by anyone as the interface is self explanatory.

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