PDF Bates Numbering Software

Add Bates Numbers to PDF Documents Without Adobe Acrobat

pdf bates numbering tool

  • Insert PDF Bates numbers in pages of multiple PDF files
  • Maintain a series of bates numbers in PDF pages and files
  • Add page numbers to PDF and print it together
  • Have a Preview of PDF Page With Bates numbering
  • Option to remove encryption from PDF & add Bates number to it
  • Allows to add Suffix and Prefix along with Bates Number
  • Multiple options to customize Bates numbers before adding to PDF file
  • Set position - Top/Bottom(left, center, right)
  • Option to add Date stamp or Confidential text in PDF

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Easily Add Bates Numbers to PDF Documents

Looking for a Better Tool to Insert Bates Number, Header and Footer in Adobe PDF files?

Important Features of PDF Bates Numbering Tool

add bates to PDF

Add PDF Page Numbering

The page numbering tool allows you to add page numbering in PDF documents in different ways. You can perform Bates numbering of multiple PDF files altogether in batch. The software provides an option to add files or folder having multiple files. There is also a "Move UP" & "Move Down" option which allows you to arrange the order of PDF files.

various pdf page numbering ways

2 Ways To Add Bates

You are provided with the option to perform page numbering in three different ways:

  • Generate Page Number [Each PDF file will be treated individually if multiple PDFs have been added]
  • Create Page number for entire file series
  • Also, print files after adding Bates number
bates details

Page Number Type Provided

The Bates Numbering tool allows you to include multiple details for performing accurate Bates Number:

  • You can add a suffix or prefix to PDF Bates
  • Determine the number of digits in a Page number
  • Choose a start number to be added to Page number
  • Select a number to increment the Bates on each page
additional text over bates numbers

Option for Additional Information

It permits some additional information to be included in the PDF file:

  • Additional Text: Allows the user to add some confidential text in each file page.
  • Additional Text Positioning: Allows setting a position the additional text above the bates number or any other position in header and footer.
advance settings

Bates Number Positioning

You can change the Bates number position in four different ways, i.e., Top left, Top Right, Top Center, Bottom left, Bottom right, & Bottom Center. Other options to set the Bates number are:

  • Continuing with the same Bates number on each PDF file
  • Maintaining the current date on the Top right side of PDF file
  • Create a continuous series of number in all PDF files

Have a Preview of PDF Page With Bates

The PDF bates Numbering application is built with advanced features that also includes viewing if the PDF page with bates number. This way you can have a look how your PDF pages going to look like with page/ bates numbers and all the settings you did.

bates number customization

Bates Number Formatting

The software offers an option to set font size & the font color of the Bates number of your choice. With the help of this option you can insert bates numbers in PDF prominently on every page.

The user gets a complete report of all the preferences and options he/she has selected like: color, font size, Bates number position, etc. It shows a complete report of the PDF files that you selected, along with a preview of them.

Order the Trial version of PDF Bates Numbering Tool Online

The Demo Version of PDF Bates Numberer software is free and it helps adding Page Number to PDF. You can download this trial version online. Demo Version allows Bates stamping of the PDF documents but will add the company’s name as a watermark to all the files.

Get Going With the Unrestricted Licensed Version

If you want to stamp all your PDF files with Bates numbers but without the watermark, then you have to go for the purchase of the Licensed Version of our product. Purchases can be made online through PayPal. However, it is not important to create a new PayPal account in order to purchase the batch PDF bates Numberer tool.

Software System Requirements

Win 10 & below versions, 4 GB RAM, Intel® CoreTM 2 Duo CPU E4600 @ 2.40GHz 2.39GHz, 29.3 MB Size

Features Trial Version FULL Version
Add PDF File & Folder
Generate Bates Numberer & Number for file series
Remove Encryption From PDF File(s)
Set Bates Number Positioning, font, color and Name Conventions
Windows 10 & All Other Previous Windows Version Supported
View how their page will appear after Bates stamping
Generate Bates number on PDF file(s)
Cost Freeware $249
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Know How to Add Bates Numbers to PDF

select bates option
add pdf files
enter bates details
add bates numbers to pdf

View Bates Numbering Tool in Action - Product Working Demo

Frequently Asked Question

How can I add bates numbers to PDF with this PDF Bates Stamping software?
Install PDF Page Numberer on your system and perform the process below
Steps for Bates stamping PDF Documents
  • Step 1: Run PDF Bates Numbering Tool
  • Step 4: Click on Add File and select PDF files
  • Step 3: Choose Generate Bates Number option
  • Step 5: Enter details for bates and proceed
  • Step 6: Position the Bates and browse a location to save the PDFs
  • Step 7: Click on Generate button
Is this software compatible with Windows 8 environment?
Yes, the software is compatible with Windows 8.1, Windows 8 and all below versions too.
Can I stamp Bates Numbering in multiple PDF files in batch?
Yes, you can use this software for numbering multiple PDF files also. You can either add multiple PDF files or an entire folder of PDF files to the software.
Can I use this software on a machine configured with Mac OS?
No, PDF Bates Numberer is only compatible with the Windows operating System.
How can I use this product for forensic purpose?
PDF Bates Numberer creates a series of number for each PDF file, and its pages; according to the suitability. If any unauthorized action is performed on these files, you can find out those changes by checking the series of Bates Number on each page.
Does the software affect the contents of the PDF files?
No, the software does not alter any content or properties of the PDF file while processing it. It just places the required Bates number on/within PDF files.
Can this software be used to add a disclaimer at the end of each page of my PDF file?
Yes, you can use this software to add a disclaimer or any other additional text on each page of your PDF file. You can also set the position of this additional text on the page accordingly.

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