PDF Splitter and Merger Tool

Split and Combine PDF files

  • Easiest way to Split and Merge PDF Files in hassle-free manner
  • Options to Split PDF files by Pages, Even/Odd pages & Range
  • Add multiple File(s) or Folder to merge multiple PDF Files into one
  • Works well with all kinds of PDF files and maintains originality
  • Divide and Combine PDF files in a very effective manner
  • Supports all versions of Windows OS to split and merge multiple PDFs

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Split and Merge PDF Files to Manage Large PDF Files

Searching for a solution to merge and split PDF files effectively? Here you have the Perfect solution.

Overview of PDF Splitter and Merger Tool Features

split and combine PDF files

Divide and Merge PDF Files

To manage the PDF, go for PDF Splitter and Merger software which allows you to split PDF files into multiple parts according to its number of pages. You can also merge multiple PDF files into a single file.

Divide PDF files

Option to Split PDF File

In order to split PDF pages, the tool comes with different options for better processing:

  • Split by Pages
  • Split by Odd Pages
  • Split by Even Pages
  • Split by Range
Cut PDF file by pages

Split PDF File by Pages

In PDF Splitter and Merger, using the option to Split PDF by Pages, users can split a single large-sized file having multiple pages into separate files. The software saves the output PDF documents in a sequentially numbered way so that you can easily track your pages.

Divide PDF file by Even Pages

Split PDF Document by Even Pages

Using this option you can create a separate file for all the pages in an even number of count. For instance; if there are 12 pages in your file, then using this option will create a PDF document for pages numbered as 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, & 12.

cut PDF file by Odd Pages

Split PDF File by Odd Pages

The PDF Splitter and Merger software gives option to split up odd-numbered pages of the selected PDF. For example, if you are having 12 pages in your PDF file, then the software will create a PDF file for pages numbered as 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, & 11.

divide PDF file by Range

Split PDF File by Range

The software provides an option for those who want to split their file by range. Suppose, you have a 12-page file and only 5 pages from the middle are needed (2-7). Define a range for pages and the tool will extract pages that come within that range into different PDF.

combine PDF files

Merge PDF Files

The software allows you to merge the “N” number of documents into a single one. You have the option to merge multiple PDF files into one document or you can add a folder of documents to create one single document of PDF. The source PDF files will remain unchanged from formatting.


Compatible with all Versions

The software is compatible with all the versions of Windows Operating System. Moreover, the PDF Splitter and Merger application is capable to run smoothly with any version of Adobe Acrobat PDF files.

Order PDF Splitter and Merger Utility Online

Download PDF Split and Merge Software

Install the Demo version of the software that allows the users to show the preview of the output files. Trial Version allows you to save the divide and combine PDF files but the output pages will have the company's name watermarked over the pages.

Order PDF Merge & Split Utility Online

You can order for the licensed version of the tool through the payment gateways. We ensure you a safe and secure way of the online transaction. Order the full version of the product to completely enjoy the benefits.

Software System Requirements

system requirements

Features Trial Version FULL Version
Add PDF File & Folder
Option to divide and Merge PDF Files
Merge Multiple PDF Files at Once
Split PDF File by Page
Compatible with Entire Windows Versions
Support Adobe Acrobat 11.0 or below version
Can Divide and Combine PDF Files Without Watermark
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Step By Step Procedure of PDF Splitter and Merger Tool

divide and merge PDF files
Add PDF to split
options to split PDF files
Process to divide PDF files

split and combine PDF files
Add new PDF files
merge multiple PDF files
Process to merge PDF files

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Frequently Asked Question

How to use this PDF Splitter and Merger software to divide and merge PDF files in a hassle-free manner?
Download PDF Split and Merge Software Select Either PDF Split or Merge option
Steps to Split PDF Files:
  • Click on 'Browse' to select PDF file for splitting
  • Select the suitable splitting option i.e. Split By Page, Range, Even, Odd Pages
  • Click on 'Process' to start the procedure of splitting PDF files
  • The pop-up windows show the completion of the process
Steps to Merge PDF Files:
  • Click on Add File or Add Folder to select PDF files
  • Click 'Process' to start the procedure of merging PDF
  • Click 'Save-As' to select the desired location
  • the pop-up window preview the completion of the process
Can I free download the demo version of PDF Split and Merge software to divide and combine PDF files?
Yes, of course, you can try the demo version of the software to split and merge PDF files but with the freeware, the output PDF file will have the software name as watermark.
What is the Advantage of choosing the "Split by Range" option in PDF Splitter and Merger Tool?
Add the PDF that you want to split, select the proper split options. You can select among several split options that are easy to understand and manage. For example, if you want to split your document into page ranges (e.g. 1-3, 5-12, etc.), just select Split by range
Is there any limitation on the number of PDF files that I can merge?
No, there is no such limitation. You can merge multiple PDF files at once.
Can I use the software on my Windows 10 machine?
Yes, the software is compatible with Windows 10, and below versions.

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