Adobe PDF File Recovery

pdf recovery

  • Recover data from corrupted PDF document
  • Restores data into its original format
  • Repair and Recover text & images from PDF files
  • Supports distinct PDF versions & formats
  • Supports Windows 8.1 and lower versions

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Recover Data From PDF – Text & Images

Inaccessible PDF files due to corruption? Searching for recovery solution to remove corruption errors?

Technical Traits of PDF Data Recovery Software

Recovers Data From Corrupted PDF

PDF File Recovery tool works towards extracting all recoverable data components of corrupted PDF document. Text and also images from PDF files can be recovered with the help of this tool.

Repair PDF Files and Rectify Errors

The tool helps removing errors from the PDF files that occurs due to corruption issues. It helps in removing lower and also higher level of corruption issues from files.

Recover and Restores Data Items

The tool is well versed with advanced program algorithms that help restoring PDF data into its original format while maintaining its integrity and actual structure.

Saves Data into New PDF Documents

The tool saves recovered data into new files and performs read-only execution on original PDF files. This way, the data incorporated within the original files remains unaltered.

Supports Distinct PDF Formats

The tool supports all the formats and the versions of PDF files including v1.7. The resultant files can be accessed in any version of the PDF viewer tools and utilities.

Windows Based Recovery Tool

PDF Recovery Tool is Windows based and works well over all available versions of the respective Operating System including 8.1 and lower release.

Order Repair PDF File Utility Online

Demo version of PDF File Recovery software is available to test the workability and functionality of all the available options and also operational features. But this version comes with restricted usage; it allows recovery as well as previewing incorporated data within the tool panel. However, it does not allow exporting file to local storage device. This very limitation can be eradicated by purchasing the licensed version of the tool which will allow you to recover data from PDF documents within a limit. The full version can be acquired by contacting the Technical Support team which is available for all time assistance related to the product.

Software System Requirements

system requirements

Features Trial Version FULL Version
Add PDF File Files)
Repair Corrupt PDF
Recover PDF Text & Image
Error Recovery Provided
Supports Windows 8 & All Other Previous Versions
Extract PDF Components
Create New PDF File
  Freeware $49
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Frequently Asked Question

Does PDF Recovery Tool helps in removing PDF corruption errors?
Yes, the tool helps removing errors that occurred due to corruption in PDF files.
Which version of Windows OS does the tool compatible with?
The tool works upon Windows 8.1 and all lower versions.
Does the tool perform recovery on multiple PDF documents?
No, the tool recovers PDF documents on one-by-one basis. However, it is possible to recover limitless files with the use of licensed copy of the software.
What kind of PDF files does the tool supports?
It supports all the available version of PDF including 1.7 and lower versions.
Does the tool allow recovery of images existing within the corrupted file?
Yes, it enables recovering text as well as graphics and images from the PDF files.

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