Do You Urgently Need Outlook Splitter Tool To Split Large Sized PST Files?

Personal Storage Table (PST) is of great importance for those who use MS Outlook email communication. It is a useful and extensively used email application to save emails, notes, contacts, journals, calendar items, etc. in the Outlook database file. MS Outlook has 2 GB maximum size limit, When Outlook crosses this limit there are chances of corruption and data can be lost, you should split PST file when it is about to reach its maximum size.

Check PST Files Size: How to Check Outlook File Size? Following are the steps that help you check the size of the Outlook database file:

  • First, start MS Outlook.
  • Then, select your mailbox in the left panel.
  • Now, right-click the mailbox and select the properties for mailbox option. A dialogue box appears.
  • Click the folder size button, after you clock the folder size button, folder size dialogue box appears and you can check the PST file size having your mailbox.
  • Now, click the close button to exit the folder size dialogue box.
  • Lastly, click the OK button to close the Properties dialogue box.

Slow Outlook Speed: When the PST file reaches around 1.5 GB Outlook starts responding slow. So, if you are consistently facing slow performance and due this you are unable to carry out your task properly, then you should understand that PST size has been increased due to which Outlook has become slow. In a way MS Outlook helps you know Outlook PST file size.

Problems Owing to Large Sized PST Files: Now, after came to know that Outlook has increased in size then you must take an immediate action otherwise large sized PST files can create problems like:

  • Sluggishness of Outlook
  • Data loss due to PST corruption

Solution Recommended: You should Split PST file into small PST files to overcome above mentioned these problems. Therefore, the PST size should be managed on urgent basis. You can use some powerful Outlook Splitter to split PST files into smaller size. One outside tool is Split PST software package. Using this competent, reliable and proficient split tool you can split oversized PST files into smaller size.